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Obey me masterlist funny

This is my masterlist for all my Obey Me headcanons, fics, and some miscellaneous meme posts~ This will include the stuff that I have posted on Ao3! Note that ‘the boys’ refers to the 7 brothers, and then the undateables are obviously all the other characters. NSFW works will be bolded (except for the NSFW alphabet because those are obviously all gonna be NSFW)..

He whispered softly after you pulled away for a second time. Your smile was the brightest he had seen in a long time, “I thought you’d never ask.”. obey me luficer obey me! obey me diavolo obey me diavolo x reader obey me x reader obey me imagines obey me imagine obey me! x reader obey me! imagines obey me!. Obey me! Hispanic Headcanons ... date obey me mammon obey me asmodeus obey me satan obey me lucifer obey me belphegor obey me leviathan obey me beelzebub obey me one master to rule them all master list spanish. 10 notes. Open in app ... How are you doing? I've been following you for quite some time now, i had a funny thought and thought I might. .

There was nothing gentle about it, when he broke your heart. Broke you. Sometimes, you found yourself pulling over to take a breath when you were driving, because the memories hit you hard. It was hard to breathe, now that he wasn’t in your passenger seat, singing along to the radio.

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masterlist obey me: valentine's day headcanons (brothers) mc never shows their legs due to random scratches and bruises (brothers) yearbook prank cuddling with the demon brothers (all brothers) mc gets cold easy (brothers) mc snaps seeing their childhood bully (brothers) mc gets cold easy pt 2 (dateables) mc is upfront about their feelings..

The man whoever, represents the moon. Dark and mysterious. Only being able to see one side of him. He however, controls and affects things with such precision. Making sure that every thing’s balanced and well. But, no matter how mysterious and powerful he is, his unexplainable beauty lures even the greatest beings.

a little abrupt but not unexpected. im going on hiatus for a while. im not sure long yet, but basically, between my other hobbies, our graduation practices and enrolling + getting ready for college, i haven't had much time for tumblr. or genshin or haikyuu or obey me or tokrev in general.

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